today was my sister's B day~

actully i have to give her some gift...

but i didn't LOL coz i don't have money & i don't know what she would like~


but i am her sister~

so i have to celebrite with her~

then i skiped 3 & 4 period  to went for dinner with her & her GF ! !

we spend a long time to made decision on where we have to have our B Day lunch~

finally~we went to Korea BBQ~ how delicious ><


we had a good time to be together~

when we gonna go ~ we met a little mic at the resterant

we tried to catch it ~ but we fail on it~

it so tiny~ we can't catch it~


then we just came home~

kris 's GF made a B DAY cake for kris~

taste good but ............ the fruit was so sourty><

so i get it out~ and just ate the cake XDDDDDDDDDD




i feel better now ~ coz i shout the secret out!!!!!!!!!


Ok see you guys~ & honey i miss you very much~

hope you get up early caz i don't to wait for long time!

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